Keep turbines out of Lake Erie


In May 2010, we thanked the town of Evans for passing a resolution taking a stance against wind turbines and NYPPA’s plan to install them in Lake Erie. I believe Chautauqua County also took a position against turbines in the lake. We were told then, that developers target small, rural towns that cannot organize and are unable to fight big business.

Since then, we held down both GLOW (Great Lakes Offshore Wind) and LEAP (Lake Erie Alternate Power) for the same plan to destroy our Great Lake with thousands of inefficient and intermittent wind machines.

The issue has again raised its ugly head, only this time with our governor’s force behind it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s New Green Deal includes many offshore renewable power (turbines) in Lake Erie. It appears that even though Niagara Falls is in our back yard, we don’t produce enough electricity to keep him happy.

Last week, I attended a meeting with developers from Diamond WTG Engineering and Services, Inc. The anti-wind audience reiterated the obvious; the bird and bat migration, (including the return of the eagles), the limitation for the recreational boaters, unreliable wind and the problem with the gears dripping oil into the lake.

Other concerns are the removal and disposal of aged turbines, maintenance in the winter months, possible earthquake activity from digging and the flicker and noise that effect both human and marine life.

My own issue is the trenching of the 50-year layer of sand and clay over the slag dumped by Bethlehem steel. The upheaval will release the chemical legacy back into the ecosystem affecting fish and water quality; a poor trade off for intermittent power which will require equal backup from conventional sources. A new twist was the presence of The Homeland Security team informing us that the flicker of the vanes will interrupt the radar pattern and hamper any indication of possible intrusion.

The only “green” in this new Green deal is the green put into the pockets of the developers and it seems Cuomo is dead set on getting his way.

Chautauqua County is on the agenda. Please write to your representatives and let them know how you feel.

Sharen Trembath of Great Lakes Wind Truth is an Angola resident.


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