Taking care of ‘Business’ for area

OBSERVER Photo One of Fredonia’s greatest celebrations occurred Jan. 28 when it was named the winner of the “Small Business Revolution” competition.

Village’s win

benefits our region


I would like to offer some positive input to quiet some negative comments in public and on social media concerning the recent winner of the Small Business Revolution — Fredonia.

l have lived in Dunkirk most of my life and have worked in Fredonia in the past and currently work there now. My office sits right across from the park in Fredonia. l witness a lot of what goes on down town. l have seen the excitement in getting the word out about the Small Business Revolution and Fredonia’s opportunity to be their next winner.

l congratulate Fredonia and know first hand from all of the visitors in our office over the past few months how hard the committee has worked to get this win.

There is always a winner and a loser in a contest or game. I am thinking the surrounding areas, as well as Fredonia will be winners also. Perhaps someone will be visiting Fredonia on a hot summer day and want to take the hop, skip and jump down to Dunkirk’s waterfront to cool off. The businesses would only benefit from that influx of people.

l know that the majority of people in the city of Dunkirk helped to get the word out to vote #myfredonia and voted many times to help our neighbors. Let’s all take this opportunity to let our part of New York state shine for the country to see and that we are in New York but far removed from New York, New York.



Victory brings

community ‘buzz’


I woke today with Fredonia on my mind. I am a lifetime Dunkirk resident and I bleed maroon.

But I am very excited about the recent awakening the village has experienced. I spoke with a friend last weekend who was preparing her application for the Small Business Revolution. When she spoke, I felt her desire to grow, change, and expand.

I am so glad for her and all the small business owners to have this opportunity. Whether they win or not, this challenge allows them to remember why they became small business owners in the first place. It helps them envision what the future could be. It motivates them to do better and want more. I do plenty of business in the village.

I feel the buzz and excitement around every corner. I wish all the applicants the best of luck and truly look forward to the development and inspiration this broadcast will bring about to our area.



‘Great things’ are

starting to happen


How wonderful it has been to see our Fredonia community come together for a common purpose during this “Small Business Revolution!” We have only begun to accomplish great things together.

In recently reading a book by Charles R. Swindoll titled, “What If ….God Has Other Plans?” he says, “There are few greater joys than serving with a faithful and loyal team!” How great that team Fredonia achieved this together!

Congratulations to all those who have worked so diligently to accomplish this “WIN.”

And, of course, none of this would have happened without the submission by Grace Czechowski.

Thank you!




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