Planting seeds of knowledge, hope

Human life has a greater destiny than any of us know, although most of us think we know enough already. We tend not to bother with what doesn’t appear to help us in our quest for strength and comfort.

It seems that all life is born to this earth from some kind of seed. These seeds are produced by living things, but must generally need fertilization (call it vitalization or verification) from another life that did not produce them. The fertilization of immobile seeds, like from plants, is one of the main functions of birds and insects. As every life is the result of a fertilized seed, it seems somehow disjointed to refer to seed fertilization, in itself, as sinful. That’s one of man’s tricks.

The innate intelligence of seeds is one of the mysteries of life. Can anyone tell us what the minute differences in the internal construction, or know how, between a grape seed, an apple seed, or for that matter any of the other millions of different kinds of seeds, including the human seed. Each one carries within itself the magic of growing, and developing, to become only as another rendition of its parents, and nothing else. It strikes me that the secret of life of any form, is the secret of the seed itself. How a brilliant Albert Einstein can grow and develop from a tiny, simple, gob of potential is most baffling.

Yet seeds which don’t have the opportunity to germinate, or are unfertilized, are discarded as though the intelligence they carry is not important. Seeds seem to be the most important, and yet, also the least important things on earth. It seems that for every seed that germinates to produce another life, there must be millions that produce nothing but mulch on the ground, or a meal for some creature. An individual seed seems to have about the same importance as a grain of sand on the beach.

No creature, plant or animal, has even the faintest idea of how they produce seeds of themselves. Only the human can, even under the most stringent practices, gain control of whether they will in any way reproduce themselves. Even then it is often more in controlling there activities than anything else.

The most outstanding, intelligent people, from hundreds of years ago, would find life unbelievable, were they able to experience today’s culture. Our growth in controlling things, makes yesterday, and its populations obsolete. The reproduction of the population, with new people to replace the obsolete, is necessary to the future, which is ever changing.

Perhaps the universe is populated with more earth-like planets than we know, and they are separated by light year distances too great for us to over come. Perhaps we graduate from one, and are promoted to the next like students in school going from one grade to another, till we finally graduate from the senior class. If that were in any way true, I’m sure this earth would be our kindergarten.

The truth is that we really don’t know what life is, or what its purpose may be. We have felt for many years that there is more here than we ever imagine. Mankind has been through all kinds of suppositions. Some has been from great leaders, and also by many would-be leaders, mostly interested only in themselves.

To get what we can when we can, is the prevalent motive of much of humanity, That is also the basic motive of a wild beast. There is more to man however than the wild beast. We know this, but often forget, when under pressure. We are gaining knowledge at an ever-increasing pace. I believe we are now at a crossroad in eternity, and will soon come to realize with a true understanding more than we ever thought possible. There’s more to everything than any of us realize. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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