Priorities of party are failing U.S.

Facts are facts and fiction is fiction. The facts are that President Donald Trump made a decision early to determine how dangerous the coronavirus is and will be without any help of the Democratic Congress.

They stated the president is too cautious and have been proven wrong. Now all they can do is constantly criticize the president for everything and anything he says.

Today’s Democrats are responsible for the safety and welfare of their citizens and are not doing so on a state and local level. They are placing the looters ahead of honest citizens in this country.

All one has to do is watch the news and observe what is going on in our larger cities run by Democrats. It is hard to believe that those politicians are more concerned for those who loot and destroy those businesses without any concern for those hard-working people who have lost everything to those anarchists who are terrorizing the citizens.

Those Democrats are allowing this disruption to continue. The party is nothing like it was in the past.

If this country is to continue as a democratic country, we as citizens cannot allow this to happen. It is very hard to believe that those who are Democrats cannot see what is happening to their party and do nothing about it.

Democrats are showing sympathy for those who are destroying our cities and show less concern for the law-abiding citizens. The police officers who are on the front lines for the safety and welfare of our citizens.

Why are these people allowed to continue this rampage of our country without any concerns for the peace of our cities. Where is the common sense for those who are not only the victims of these anarchists who only want to destroy what is country represents?

President Donald Trump is attempting to do just that, but is not getting the cooperation of those who oversee unruly cities and states.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.


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