Some homes are not so sweet

The state of Minnesota recently announced it has $100 million set aside for housing assistance. What happened to the days when a family wanted to purchase a home of their own, got a job and went to the bank for a mortgage.

Whatever happened to those families? Are they still around because they work for a living and pay taxes for those who refuse to work yet get rewarded with low-income apartments or housing?

In the city of Dunkirk at every block there seems to be another housing project going up and being built by structures that are owned by taxpayers. In front of these projects, you will notice a nice car parked in front.

Taxpayers sometimes have to work two jobs to live the life that non-taxpayers are enjoying.

We don’t need more housing projects in this city.

What we do need are more homeowners who pay taxes to help those who are burdened with taking care of those who refuse to help themselves. As long as there are bleeding heart politicians out there, the burden on taxpayers will continue so be prepared.

There are millions on welfare who depend on your hard-earned money to survive. So continue observing those new housing projects in Dunkirk and wonder who actually is eligible. Are they occupied by disabled American veterans? Are they occupied by working families?

These are good questions for the politicians to answer.

There are far too many generations of individuals enjoying taxpayer money. What if there was no more those taxpayers. How would the non-taxpayers live? Good question.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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