Has the U.S. spiral begun?

This commentary is regarding a recent column in the OBSERVER headlined “Trump’s troubles are just beginning.”

Her articles for the past four years have been a constant attack on the president of the United States. The writer is on a constant hate campaign against this president. The network she works for is on the same page, constantly on a daily basis broadcasting propaganda against this president.

A news media is supposed to be a news network, but instead they are also on a hate campaign against this president. These networks seem to work hand and hand with the Democratic Party. So what does today’s Democratic Party consist of? Is it a base for the liberal agenda?

This seems to be a question for all citizens of this country today. Their answer to that question is only a problem between the Republicans and the Democrats.

Even Hillary Clinton was stumped by the question, merely describing herself as a progressive Democrat and not a socialist. But it seems that all the Democrats would have no problem to answer a simple question such as are you a socialist?

But they either can’t tell the difference or that they simply refuse to admit the hard truth. It is a sad situation that a party that our forefathers were members of has become so much different in today’s politics.

These European-style socialists believe in a distribution of wealth and government control of major components of the U.S. economy such as our health care system from socialized medicine to higher taxes on most Americans to pay for more government welfare programs to government-paid college tuition and more.

Make no mistake, if the socialists take power, all of our freedoms could be lost, especially our First and Second amendments. Venezuela is the latest example of its resources stolen by the socialist ruling class, while children starve on the streets and honest citizens are left defenseless in the wake of a national gun ban.

Only time will tell how this regime will play out in America.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com.


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