Too many never gave Trump a chance

As I write this the other guy, Joe Biden, has been declared “President Elect.” It seems that the President’s opponents who have been out to get him since November 2016 have attained their goal — even if doing that deed was left to Democratic political hacks who applied the fix in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and likely Nevada to ensure a Biden victory.

“Sour grapes?” Perhaps, but as prominent Democrat and George Washington University law professor Johnathan Turley said recently, “I can see a “Hail Mary” pass in one state election, but not in four.”

In the process of attempting to destroy Trump, many innocent lives and reputations have been destroyed. Remember that from the very beginning he was faced with continuous attacks on the person and reputation of his National Adviser General Michael Flynn leaving him and his family “legal fee poor.” Prior to leaving office President Trump must exonerate General Flynn and direct the government to fully reimburse him for the needless legal fees he incurred.

A “silent coup” was launched by members of the Barack Obama administration, members of the federal bureaucracy and pathetic Republican Never Trumpers. There were the “Russia, Russia, Russia” attacks on the President accusing him of being a Russian operative, the phoney Mueller Investigation and report nominally chaired by former FBI Director Robert Mueller that in the end told us nothing.

The president was also dogged by FBI officials led by Director Bob Comey whom everyone said was as honest as the day is long until he wasn’t. Now Comey and company have left the reputation of the FBI in tatters and we can only hope it recovers.

Prominent members of the coup were Representative Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff of California who in his House Career has seen more “Kremlin Operatives” in Washington than Senator Joseph McCarthy saw in his checkered Senate career in the 1950’s, Majority Leader Nancy “I only eat the best ice cream when I get my hair done” Pelosi, and Charles “Chuck” Schumer who has proven that you don’t need a sparkling personality or intellect to be Senate Minority Leader.

Most of my ire however is directed at those “never Trump” Republicans who jumped ship before or shortly after Presidents Trump’s election. For some of them, like former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush it was nothing more than sour grapes over their inability to overtake President Trump in the 2016 primaries.

I hope that two “Never Trump Conservatives” George Will and Bill Crystal will spend eternity in Conservative Hell where they will be made to read the President’s tweets for all eternity. These are two men I once admired along with John Podhoretz and the late Charles Krauthammer as giants in the world of American Conservative thought.

Both Will and Crystal are bonafide members of the Washington elites who lack the common touch, which was a problem with conservatism before Trump. Neither differs from Trump in their belief in conservative ideas but President Trump is a practical conservative and after his election he grabbed the conservative movement out of the hands of intellectuals, like Will and Crystal and led the movement onto those sunny uplands of practical conservatism. In the process he put people to work, freed businesses from overwhelming regulation, made the United States energy independent, put our enemy China on notice, brought sanity to our borders and through incremental diplomacy avoiding the pitfalls of the past is bringing peace to the middle east.

In the end Will’s and Crystal’s anti-Trumpism is really a case of jealousy because he did what they never could.

Biden is now president-elect. He is not my choice for president but I will support him because I revere the Presidency even when I have grave doubts about the new occupants mental and intellectual capabilities. Unlike many Democrats, members of the federal bureaucracy and “Never Trump Republicans” who joined the Anti-Tramp cabal in 2016, he is now my President and I will not support the type of “silent coup” that President Trump faced for four years. However, like 70 million other Americans I will find it difficult to answer his call for unity after being called racists by Biden for supporting President Trump.

I am encouraged by the fact that the Republican Party will likely retain control of the Senate and even increased it numbers in the house.

The Republican Senate will block, obstruct and frustrate Democrats efforts and ensure that the more socialist leaning objectives of the Democrats like the Green New Deal, open borders, and socialized medicine will be killed aborning. The actions of financial markets in recent days indicates that Wall Street is happy with divided yet predictable government and so am I.

Looking forward, I am further encouraged because Trumpism was not repudiated as seen in the very close election and Republicans would do well to make it an important part of their future. Republicans made substantial inroads among minority voters through near full employment and the encouragement of small businesses many of which are minority owned. In the future Republicans must never again write minority groups off as the property of the Democrats.

These groups are now looking to Republicans for assistance particularly because they see Trump and Republican policies as being able to bring about the economic justice Democrats only talk about.

Thomas Kirkpatrick Sr. is a Silver Creek resident. Send comments to jdagostino@observertoday.com


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