Become united again at Christmas

2020 started out like

Any other year

Filled with hopes and dreams

Which quickly turned to fear

What was this we’re hearing

What has entered into our world

Stopping sports and closing schools

Is what we were being told

Wash your hands, social distance

Don’t shake a hand or hug

Businesses and restaurants closed

For in this world is a bug

People are not working for

Lockdown is what we should do

Only essential workers

Essential workers are who

The DMV is not open

Gyms closed Salons too

Get your car inspected

Your license you can’t renew

The Elderly have the bug

Whatever shall we do

Send them to the Nursing Homes

Are you surprised the bug grew

Our loved ones are dying

So scared and all alone

No one to hold their hand

No respect to be shown

We started wearing masks

To help stop the spread

Or are the masked to hide

What we all dread

We live in the United States

But united is not what we do

Each state made up their own rules

So COVID-19 grew and grew

The President says this

The Governor says that

Who do we listen to

COVID-19 just laughed

COVID-19 knew we weren’t united

Not this land of the free

We all do our own thing

COVID-19 19 had a shopping spree

Our homes once our safe place

Not our jobs or our schools

Now we are doing everything at home

Whatever shall we do

We are the land of the free

Don’t tell us what we can and cannot do

For surely we will protest

We won’t follow any of your rules

Now everyone is fighting

Protesting is what we do

Once known as the melting pot

We are coming unglued

Black lives matter

And certainly they do

White black or tan

Look around we are all sad and blue

So now the vaccine is coming

Some will get it some will not

How will we ever stop this

Will COVID-19 remain hot

Let’s become united on Christmas Eve

This is all you have to do

At eight o’clock stand outside

Ring a bell and start something new

Something showing unity

Love for one another

For everyone around you

Is your sister or your brother.

Cindy Hite-Wilson, who works in health care, is a Silver Creek resident.


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