The day football stopped

It is Monday night, Jan. 9, 2023 …

One week after Damar Hamlin’s life-threatening injury.

It was the day that football – the NFL – came to a respectable pause,

And all became prayer warriors for this Buffalo Bills cause.

The power of prayer can manifest a significant event,

Prayer in numbers ensures those prayers to God are sent.

The ripple effect was quickly evident and clear,

Touching so many lives, both far and near.

Damar Hamlin was at the epicenter of this metaphor ripple,

With his #3 jersey, and WOW – how the impact spread way more than triple!

Damar’s family, all the players and coaches, and entire Bills organization felt this,

Bills Mafia fans, the Buffalo community, all of Western New York – in a shock paralysis.

The broader NFL and all teams watched with fearful awe,

The entire country, even the world, wanted to undo and heal what they saw.

A reflection of the past week showcases many emotions galore,

And I found myself yearning for updates, please give me more.

Damar at the center, his prayer warriors praying with all of their might,

To guide the team of doctors, led by Dr. Pritts and Dr. Knight.

What a marvelous relief to know that Damar will be OK,

Miracles do happen when in numbers we gather to pray.

I wonder … did this happen for a very special reason,

To remind us that prayer, love, and kindness are with us in any season.

They should be constants and guide us in all that we do,

To quote QB #17, “God is real,” for all of us, not just a few.

Was it divine intervention that guided Nyheim Hines on that opening kickoff return?

Some heavenly help to relieve the pressure of the week’s emotional burn.

Thank you for reading my Buffalo Bills #3 Damar Hamlin poem,

Remember… God is your biggest fan, wherever you roam.

As for me, I hail from the Buffalo area and bleed red, white, and blue,

I remember getting autographs from Kelly, Reed, and many others too.

I now wear Micah Hyde’s #23 jersey for every single game,

When Micah got hurt, Damar stepped up to claim his own fame.

Fame to Damar is more than football for this 24-year-old man,

Did he know he was the main actor in God’s bigger plan?

There is symbolism and spiritual significance of the number three,

Did you know it means wisdom, understanding, and it’s the number of harmony?

Damar’s character and Coach McDermott’s leadership – all fostering an atmosphere of family,

That united us all and fills us with pride for this team of integrity!

Go forth all you Buffalo Bills and Go Do Your Thing!

Triumphant you already are, with or without that Super Bowl ring.

You are winners in the hearts of all of your fans,

Thank you for leading us through one of God’s special plans.

When football came to a stop, where were you on that difficult night?

I was with my family in our Bills room, praying for Damar to be alright.

Jubilant, joyous, what a glorious outcome…

Damar’s healing makes us all smile – wherever you come from!

Heidi Sanderson Daniels is a resident Powhatan, Va., who grew up in our region and attended Pine Valley High School.


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