Night Out a community partnership


As we close out our 30th year of National Night Out and begin to prepare for the 31st edition I want to take a few minutes to reflect on this year’s amazing program. This year’s National Night Out was well attended and continues to grow every year. Even though we were scheduled to start ...

Farms in middle of environmental debate


We owe everything to 6 inches of topsoil and the fact that it rains. Food does not really come from the grocery store. We are losing topsoil at an alarming rate. On May 1, dust from newly plowed fields caused a 70-car pile up on Route 55 in Illinois. There were seven dead and 37 people ...



Thirty years ago — 1993 On the morning of Aug. 12, Jacob Bush, son of Store Manager Ken Bush, cut the ribbon to officially open the new Kmart at 3901 Vineyard Drive. Assisting him were Marian Anderson and Charles St. George, representing the senior citizens of Fredonia and Pomfret. The ...

Softball survey is first error in $10M effort

Editor's corner

If there is any lasting wisdom from the past decade of government overspending in Western New York, which included the controversial and troubling Buffalo Billions, it is this: no matter how much public funding is thrown at development, until you fix the root of the problem, things will not get ...

EPA Court decision must not be overlooked


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency bureaucrats simply can’t help themselves, it seems. Once again this spring, they proposed power plant regulations that would force the closure of some coal and gas-fired power plants, despite the U.S. Supreme Court having already told the agency it can’t ...



Thirty years ago — 1993 Dr. Estelle M. Crino of Silver Creek, principal of Gowanda Elementary School, is retiring from an educational career spanning more than 42 years in the field of teaching and administration. She began teaching in 1950 as an Allegany Franciscan Sister, teaching in a ...