TRANSPORTATION: Less ridership, more subsidies


Is CARTS, soon to be known as CHQ Transit, becoming the next Chautauqua County Airport? Ridership has decreased 34.6% from 2019 to 2021. Some of that decrease can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, but how much? And until that question can be answered, county legislators and County ...

World, nation are in disarray

Peoples column

Editor, OBSERVER: Is there a ship of fools guiding this nation? I ask this quite seriously. Why are we even considering going back to an Iran Nuclear deal? Why would we enrich a hostile nation that has said such a deal would not end its pursuit of nuclear weapons, and has not changed its ...

Put people first with remapping

Peoples column

Editor, OBSERVER: The League of Women Voters of New York state and Chautauqua County believes that voters should choose their representatives, not that representatives should choose their voters. The state League has made statements against the recent Congressional, Senate, and Assembly ...

Our waters are at risk with turbines


The recent request by state Sen. George Borrello to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority for an inclusive environmental analysis for NYSERDA’s proposed offshore wind turbine feasibility study was described in an article “Borrello: Diversify Great Lakes wind study” ...

COVID added amplification to echo chambers


Zoom meetings come and Zoom meetings go, but a recent Xoom meeting stands out from the rest. The intriguing topic of “Group Polarization in America: How COVID-19 threw Fuel on the Fire,” was presented by Assistant Professor Dr. Joshua Fetterman, of Chestnut Hill College, Pa. Dr. ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 An award has been established in memory of Phil McGan, former OBSERVER reporter and Dunkirk native, by the ARRL Board of Directors and New Hampshire Amateur Radio Association. Mr. McGan was an active and enthusiastic ham radio operator and dedicated volunteer for the ...