People’s column

Bully actions hurt game of football


Football is beginning to lose its value as a sport and is becoming a win at all cost contest with no respect for how it is played.

I enjoy the game and the quality of the action. I also am a Bills fan.

Winning at the cost of brutal and unnecessary action takes away the enjoyment. The bully type of activity is not acceptable and definitely not good for our younger generation to witness.

The action of Rob Gronkowski during the New England game in Buffalo was definitely unacceptable and the action of a bully. His poor apologetic answer was not from the heart and only to save his own neck.

These players are well paid, to be professional and not deliberately hurt other players. It was apparently accepted by the coach who showed no attempt to direct any type of question about the activity. The one-week suspension was not severe enough for the deliberate, brutal and harmful execution, which was very well documented.

This situation should not be overlooked and shoved under the table. I think Gronkowski should be suspended for the season. New England is a well schooled organization, with winning capabilities and should not support unsportsmanlike activity.


Silver Creek