People’s column

Article placement

on hero was ‘sad’


I am with Make A Mark self-advocacy group out of Dunkirk. I think that is a shame that Officer Craig Lehner’s article was on the back page of the OBSERVER when it should of been on the very front page of the newspaper on Oct. 26 edition. Instead you thought other things were more important than his death and the article that pertains to that. This is one of our fallen heroes and he does not deserve to be on the front page of the OBSERVER? That is sad in my book!

He was in the police department for nine years and 16 years in the Army. There were more than 7,000 people at his service. What his family must be going through. I can’t imagine what it is like to lose a brother or a son. But my heart goes out to his family and Shield, K-9 partner of Officer Lehner’s.

I would like for this angel who now is in Heaven with our Lord to have some kind of honor to look down to for all of his needless to say hard work and dedication! If it is not too late — and it shouldn’t be — please give the family, our soldiers, firefighters, First Responders and Police Departments the recognition they all honorably deserve.


TRC 2016 self-advocate of the year,


Sheridan sign

will make return


This article is in response to the letter in the OBSERVER (Dec. 24), regarding the removal of the “Welcome to Sheridan” sign.

We wanted to clarify to the community that the sign has only been removed temporarily, and it will soon be permanently replaced in an area in the vicinity to its original location. It will once again be visible to the community and it will again, continue to welcome everyone to the beautiful area of Sheridan.