People’s column

Fredonia can

fix the bumps


The West and East parking lots in Fredonia need attention!! The first thing is the cars in the west parking lot facing Canadaway Street. These cars are there day after day and night after night.

We have a beautiful parking lot on Water Street where no one parks. Why? Are they afraid to walk across the bridge on Water Street? The west parking lot needs the holes and ruts fixed badly. Someone looking to put a business in Fredonia looks for location, square footage and parking areas.

This parking problem has been going on for years and nothing has been done about the parking lots. Something needs to be done now! These parking lots were for the businesses.

Jim Sommers, a local attorney, went to all the business people on East Main Street and West Main Street and they all donated land to make these parking lots. If it wasn’t for Mr. Sommers, we would not have these parking lots TODAY.

On a police station, yes, we do need one. The one now is like a dungeon. Terrible for Fredonia. To build, it’s way too expensive today. I would look at the old Caboose on Main Street across from the Fire Hall. It’s a strong block building, has a nice upstairs, parking area and can look great fixed up. It would cost a lot less than buying land and putting a building up. Take a look at it, it’s just sitting there empty.

As far as going after new businesses, we need a shoe store, a men and women’s store, a pharmacy, maybe a village gift shop, just a few to mention. Remember we need to get to the parking problem.

The mayor is working hard and so are the trustees. The mayor is on the right path to these problems. I salute her. Let’s all work together and get these problems solved!



DJ appreciates all the support


This is to everyone who participated, contributed and attended the benefit for me Jan. 6 at the Moose Lodge in Dunkirk. From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, thank you. Especially to Ginger Pokoj, owner of Big Rick’s One Stop, who came up with the idea of creating a benefit for me and worked tirelessly to put it together. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of her heart.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped Ginger put the event together.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a basket, wine, money and Bills merchandise for the auction. Thank you to Chadwick Bay Broadcasting, WDOE and KIX Country who helped promote the event.

Thank you to Derek Davis, Trio, and Mark Richards from KIX Country who kept everyone entertained the entire time.

This has been a devastating chapter in my life, but I know, with God’s help, and the love of everyone who attended, I will make it through my bout with cancer.

I will eventually return to the airwaves. I can promise you that.