Wrong leader let go at school


I’ve been a resident of the Fredonia community since 1971 when my mother got a job at The Fredonia Central School District where she served until 1996.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about changes that have been implemented within the district in the last school year. I don’t pay much attention body politic, for it’s mostly all smoke and mirrors and comes down to just being a money go round.

In November, an incident where former Principal Andrew Ludwig had to do what he had to do to insure the safety of other students has been used by the administration to instate a new principal. Furthermore, the new principal has changed the way the Principal Ludwig had been doing things. She was concerned they wanted students to walk in an orderly fashion up and down the hallway. That sounds more like Alcatraz than it sounds like a place for a child to receive a proper education and be productive members to our community.

In this world gone wrong I feel our children need love and compassion more than fear, manipulation and strict discipline. There’s an arbitrary line between coercion and structure. I feel the new administration is going to be a detriment to our community.

I don’t see how this is healthy for anybody but them. I don’t know how it could come to be; but me and my precious child, and I’m sure other community members and students would like to see current administrators Jeffrey Sortisio and Rachel Badger removed from their positions and have Andrew Ludwig reinstated.