People’s column

Found children are victims


I uncontrollably wept emotional tears of sadness while writing this letter.

For over a year, I have not showered — my story.

For over a year, I have not showered — their story.

Both, absolute truth when you know the people and the rest of the story.

My story ends quickly when you add these words: “and shaved on Sunday.”

You see, I chose to grow a full beard for two years.

For the children imprisoned, tortured and abused by their parents in the house of horrors, their story never ends.

Please Jesus, heal their wounds. And now with tears of joy, thank you they are alive.



Still worries

with Reed


As each day passes, Congressman Tom Reed’s complicity with this administration’s unethical and un-American behavior deepens.

I was already alarmed enough at this president’s behavior that last Feb. 18 when I found myself at a town hall meeting in Fillmore, standing in the mud in an unpaved parking lot with hundreds of constituents waiting to ask a question of my congressman.

On Feb. 16, Mr. Reed was quoted by the Buffalo News as saying, “I am very confident after talking to the president personally and candidly that there’s just nothing there on the Russia issue.”At that time three advisers to the president had been forced to resign due to improper ties to Russia.

I asked, “Will you take action and speak out if further evidence reveals improper ties by this administration to Russia?”

Mr. Reed responded: “If further evidence shows impropriety from whatever sector of the world…We will honor our oversight responsibility and I will do that myself.”

He hadn’t answered my question so I asked him again if he would commit to personally speaking out if further improprieties were uncovered and he looked me right in the eye and answered in the affirmative.

The list of improper and illegal activities connected to this president lengthens on a daily basis.

He has not spoken out. Where are Congressman Tom Reed’s ethics?



3 examples,

no easy answer


Recent press has been running a growing awareness regarding inappropriate or unwanted contact between individuals. There’s even began a new wave movement called: #MeToo. Allow me to illustrate three examples based on actual incidents but modified for space, language and confidentiality.

1. Two young men found themselves coincidentally recovering in the same semi-private room. As their healing progressed so did their tendency toward aimless foolishness. A young woman, a member of the cleaning staff dutifully did their room up on a regular basis. One day, her back turned, one of the patients gave her a playful pinch. The retaliatory slap however, was far from playful.

2. The actress was asked to do a semi-nude role in the film. She declined. She never worked in Hollywood again.

3. Another actress who in her early career acquiesced to the prurient desires of the power people and then became famous, stated boldly: “I can now choose who I want as my partner.”

Let’s suppose in example 2, the up-and-coming actress after leaving Hollywood, married well, had a wonderful husband, ideal children, became a credit to her community, family, religion etc. and lived happily ever after. But, let us also consider she married a loser, had thankless brats, was looked upon as someone who threw away an opportunity of a lifetime along with a million-dollar beach house off the Malibu coast for the sake of divesting a few garments. What then? She may even envy the veteran actress who slept her way to the big time.

Maybe there isn’t an easy answer. I don’t really know whatever happened to the actress in example 2. I hoped she ended up as I fantasized. You can’t help but admire her moral stance and individuality among the roaring seekers for filmdom notoriety.

However, the actress in example 3 went the way of many a Hollywood legend and o-d’d.

So, there isn’t an easy answer, except maybe for example 1. There’s no mistaking a slap in the face.