Some welcome changes in U.S.


If there is a road to ignorance, as columnist Vicki Westling expounds, she is leading the way. Reading her articles gives me thoughts of someone who demeans our president then uses scriptures, from the Bible, for absolution.

Those who seek a better economy and a brighter future for everyone who wishes to work, to for fill their dreams, must wonder why more concern is given to people who entered our country illegally than those who are legal American citizens?

Liberals have a preponderance for not telling the whole story. There are many citizens that welcome the improvements in our economy and other achievements our president has made while being hampered, in doing so, by the liberals obstructionists.

The humbling words on the Statue of Liberty, Westling quotes, are not in themselves a rite of passage. There are rules in the immigration laws that have restrictions regardless of what the progressives would like the ignorant to believe! There are discrepancies between the evidence and what the liberals preach and the “perfective truth.”