World needs more caring


In a recent column regarding Russian interference and possible collusion, Vicki Westling declares, “Do you care?”

What happened to Clinton’s emails and in Benghazi, “Do any of these things matter in the grand scheme of things?”

Trivializing current events, was nothing that I was taught in high achieving educators’ classrooms at Kenmore West Senior High School. We discussed different viewpoints in school and at the dinner table through the 1960s.

We, the now 68 year olds, were educated to become critical thinkers and tochallenge the status quo.

One goal was to create a society of change for the better. Our educators encouraged diverse thinking and action. They informed us of our right to protest for change as has happened for over 242 years in America.

We were not a racially diverse group with only oneAfrican-American young man in a class of 750 white students. This dear friend to all, Bill Powell, cannot be located and our hearts ache to have him back in our world for a 50th reunion to tell him he made difference in our lives.

The difference is he showed us he cared. We were taught to care. We were taught that things mattered for us and others in the grand scheme of life.

More citizens are watching, listening and following the present circus arena in the White House than ever in our history. Why?

The reason is we were educated to be vigilant about leaders who could not be trusted with everyone’s liberty and justice for all. Teach your children to care, that it matters and that one day all of ‘these things’ can add up to someone being denied the right to reach her/hisfull potential.

Get involved, stay informed, be willing to change your prejudices, seek solutions, fight for everyone’s right. The future of your country is depending on you!


Silver Cree