Peoples’ Column

Control and

common sense


I’m all for the Second Amendment as far as owning guns for hunting and self-defense. What I am NOT for is owning and selling assault weapons such as those used in so many mass murders in recent years.

Here’s my advice: to the mighty NRA: you are tremendously misguided if you think the Second Amendment extends to assault weapons, machine guns, bump-stocks etc. It does not, since it was written during the time of the musket.

To all the self-serving weasels (politicians) at every state & federal level: find the courage to ban all assault weapons, and apply the death penalty (with no appeal) to those found guilty of selling such weapons. Then promote the national database for screening ALL applicants for gun ownership, including input from law enforcement agencies, mental health clinics, and social work departments.

To the public: stop putting up with the disgraceful “leadership” of today’s politicians who refuse to pass any meaningful legislation, and vote them out of office. Then find suitable candidates in favor of common-sense gun control, or run for office yourself if you’re fed up with the lack of progress on this issue.

How much longer are we going to wimp-out? Either we take the harsh but necessary steps to help prevent these tragedies, or we continue to attend one memorial service after another. Which is it going to be?


former Gowanda resident,