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luck in city


St. Patrick’s Day dawned Saturday morning with cloudless, blue skies and chilly temperatures. But the luck of the Irish was not with two beige, young, stray chihuahuas that were running on the sidewalks of Central Avenue in Dunkirk.

After capturing them, placing them in my van, a call was placed to the Dunkirk Police. Officer Adam Luce was very courteous and helpful.

A friend and I were directed to drive the shivering dogs to the Animal Holding Center on Beach Road.

A disaster followed. The dogs were carefully placed in the shelter and then my car became stuck in the deep snow and couldn’t move.

We walked back to Point Drive North, enlisted the aid of a helpful neighbor and again called the police.

Officer Robert Fred arrived, walked to the stuck car, revved it up and backed it to the road. Beach Road was full of snow, ruts and a large open, watery puddle.

Dunkirk Police need to be congratulated for their professional, helpful manner. Erin go Bragh!



volunteer for Lakeshore Humane Society

Hospital’s move equals headaches


We are responding to the article regarding the Pomfret Town Board (March 19) considering the zoning change for Brooks Memorial Hospital.

We, as stated before, consider this a terrible idea for all involved: Route 20 residents, the hospital services, the employees, traffic safety; as well as a traffic increase. There will also be a heli-port on the hospital site.

Building a smaller hospital, with less services, means less employees, so some will lose their jobs. Has anyone considered this?

Also, there’s a huge traffic issue that already exists at the intersection. School buses, semis, daily traffic and now adding ambulances, hospital employees, patient traffic.

Why would anyone consider doing this? Then adding a roundabout? Where is the logic?