Arkwright work creates war zone


This is a rebuttal to the article “Norton displeased with county comments” (April 14). The town Supervisor Nick Norton claims he is upset by a statement that Arkwright looks like a landfill

Maybe he is right, it does not look like a landfill. Maybe it more resembles a war zone, where animals have been driven from their habitat, hillsides changed forever from a beautiful countryside to something from a science-fiction scene.

County Executive George Borrello shares the sentiments of many Arkwright residents who see this as the downfall of Arkwright. We know property values will go down, people will move out, the tax base will shrink. Are we supposed to be happy about all this because Mr. Norton is upset about a comment made by Borrello? It seems the truth hurts.

Thanks to Norton and a few other board members, this is what we have to live with now and forever. Sorry your feelings are hurt because people voice their opinions on what has transpired.

As for Borrello taking the tour, maybe the town should instead rent a bus and take the entire community to see what is going on up there. The residents get to see it every day. The trucks up and down the roads. The constant noise from construction. The roads being destroyed by the traffic. The peace and quite of the countryside is gone and the view will never be the same.

Now the windmill company is apparently offering $1,000 per year to any households that are in a certain area of these monstrosities. People take the money because it’s a done deal. We have been had while others have already been bought and paid so this money may help pay some of your taxes, but will offer little compensation for what we have lost as town property values will go down.

If you can’t make that bus trip tour, just take a Sunday ride on Center and Straight roads or along Route 83 off Route 60 and see for yourself. You won’t need Mr. Norton as a tour guide to see for yourself and make up your own mind.

Is it a landfill or war zone? Either way, it’s nothing to brag about.


Silver Creek