Rescued dog turning the corner


This is an open letter to the person who left two little dogs in a box in the freezing rain at the Lakeshore Humane Society a few weeks ago.

The volunteer who found the box after some hours brought the dogs into the light and warmth of the shelter. The volunteers who took care of the dogs named them Rupert and Sebastian. The dogs were neutered, at the expense of the shelter. The veterinarian who cared for Rupert said that his skin was “one big scab,” but it has healed. The groomer bathed him and cut the mats from his coat. The vet says that Rupert is about eight years old.

Rupert, who we adopted, is now in a loving home where he has a ‘brother’ who shows him what a well-adjusted dog looks like. He has learned to relieve himself outdoors and he has discovered play. The stains on his coat, from standing in filth, are fading. His appetite is insatiable and he eats as if he is never going to eat again. He is beginning to trust that when we leave, we will return.

What I really want you to know is that I am grateful that you cared enough to bring the dogs to the shelter. I can only imagine the desperation that drove you to keep these dogs under these conditions. I hope some day that you will find the comfort, happiness, and love that Rupert has found since you left him at the doorstep of the shelter.