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‘Pompous’ piece full of falsehoods


As a SUNY Fredonia alumnus, I’d like to think the commentary “Some majors are quite minor” (May 2) was written satirically. I regret it is not. I note his own field, philosophy, is conspicuously missing from his gunsights.

What a pathetic, pompous, contemptuous attitude for an “educator” to assume! Suggesting that education, gender and ethnic studies somehow detract from fields upon which they are “dependent,” and worse, their “contribution to our understanding of ourselves and the world is less than the fields on which they depend” is utter ignorant rubbish.

Should one suppose philosophy somehow evolved independent of language and all other experience, and is of such lofty dimension that it merits inclusion in his microscopic list of “worthwhile” subjects? Aristotle would not agree. Incidentally, the SAT is not a measure of IQ, and statistics in support of your assertion are notoriously missing from your diatribe — let’s chalk that up to philosophy not being “dependent” on such triflings as fact. Asserting that “the usual suspects: art, communication, education, and psychology” majors “tend to have students with lower IQs” is a pathetic falsehood and reprehensible arrogance.

Are you suggesting these “lower IQ” students possessing extraordinary talent and ambition are best serving the world not by developing mastery of their art and teaching others their craft, but rather in handing brilliant contributors such as yourself a latte every morning?

No doubt a much more useful career for the likes of Monet, Pavarotti, Yo-Yo Ma, Givenchy … You apparently aspire after a fascist world where one’s career is dictated and measured solely by its economic worth, & beauty has no place or value (curiously, Hitler had an insatiable craving for art and music, coveting every work he could acquire). Or perhaps you are experiencing “buyer’s remorse,” with your own “purposeful” degree leaving an increasingly bitter taste as you contemplate what’s next in the state budget cuts?

Excuse me, but this lifelong musician/health-care provider is going to resume her practicing — I have an exam in therapeutic music coming up.