People’s column

Worry about U.S., not China


The president of the United States has made claims about being tough on China regarding unfair trade practices. But his actions show something entirely different and confusing to me as well as it should be to all Americans. I cannot understand why the President would want to protect jobs in China, by assisting a foreign company, ZTE which has ties to the Chinese government stay in business. On May 13, the president tweeted that he was working to give ZTE a way to get back into business. “Too many jobs in China lost.”

ZTE is a real threat to United States cyber security and their devices and phones are banned from sale on military bases. In violation of United States sanctions ZTE was found to be exporting United States technology to North Korea and Iran. After being fined last year it was allowed to continue to work with US companies if it disciplined the employees involved. Once it was determined that ZTE did not reprimand the employees involved, our Government banned American companies from exporting to ZTE for seven years, putting ZTE out of business.

The president needs to focus on American workers and let the Chinese government worry about theirs. China has been stealing our technology for too many years and we should do everything we can to put a stop to it and not worry about Chinese jobs. Let’s worry about the American jobs that have been impacted by the theft of our technology by China.

There have been many speeches and pledges to support American workers in the past and we need to pay attention to see if they are fulfilled. Actions speak louder than words. Buy American.



Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees