Peoples column

Mayor, trustees absent from services


As a Fredonia village resident, taxpayer and family member of those that served in our military, I am appalled that the Fredonia mayor and Trustees Kara Christina, James Lynden and Michael Barrus couldn’t find their way to attend a Memorial Day service at the American Legion or elsewhere in Fredonia.

Trustee Doug Essek was in attendance and Trustee Roger Britz was marching with the Drum Corps in the Dunkirk Memorial Day parade. If these folks can’t honor our fallen veterans, our living veterans shouldn’t honor them with a vote when they’re looking for re-election.



Library fundraiser had full menu


The Friends of the Gowanda Free Library wish to thank the many people who helped with the Annual Herb Sale and the Hollywood Happening.

Again, Gary Patterson and staff of Garden Gate Green house for their continued support and advice. Gary is always there for the library, providing superior plants at no profit for himself. This is especially appreciated in spring when there is much demand on his time.

Thanks to Chris and Ronnie Washy for their generous donation of the tent. It was a luxury to be out of the elements this year.

Thank you to the great library staff who assist at every turn and with a smile on their face. To Cathy Walsh, library firector, who baked her fingers to the bone for the sale. This is well above and beyond the job description. What would we do without her?

To our wonderful community. We know you have many options for the herbs or the food at the Happening but you make the choice to support the library and for this we feel a deep gratitude. Thank you.

It was busy and exhausting, but always great fun to host these fundraisers. The results this year were very good and there are several pressing needs these funds can be applied. Come down and visit us this summer!


Impressive sight above our skies


I’m wondering how many people happened to see Air Force One fly over our area around 6 p.m. June 8. I live in Lily Dale and have my camera handy, but Friday I was busy online while I heard the sound of a loud jet approaching from the direction of Jamestown.

It flew over my home and was so loud I had to see what it was. I ran to my back deck, looked into the sky and to my surprise it was Air Force One escorted by two fighter jets, one on each side, heading straight for Dunkirk and Canada. Must have been Trump on his way to the G-7 meeting in Quebec. I just missed grabbing my camera and taking a photo. They were flying below the clouds, It was an amazing sight to see.


Lily Dale