Senior treatment is disappointing


Normally a disclaimer comes at the end of an article or ad, but I will get it out of the way now. My daughter was a senior member of this year’s Dunkirk High softball team. I’ve had the privilege, in the last four or five years to attend numerous games, which included Senior Day celebrations for, obviously, the senior members of the team. In such varied sports as basketball, volleyball and softball, the Senior home team members were feted for their years of sacrifice.

The schools that I personally had a view of this example of school spirit included Fredonia, Olean, Gowanda, Westfield, Chautauqua Lake as well as Dunkirk’s basketball and volleyball programs.

However, when it comes to Dunkirk softball, apparently the concept is foreign to the coach. Her idea of honoring a senior (see disclaimer) is to hand out a few balloons, some flowers, throw out some nice hollow words and then show a player her spot on the bench, never to leave it.

I’m sure it would be easy for her to explain it away, after all, it was “a big game.” Then again if she knew anything about the sport she is supposedly coaching, a simple first inning at bat and a player re-entry would have sufficed. In my opinion, the coach showed an appalling lack of respect, both to the player and Dunkirk Marauder school spirit. The Dunkirk City School Board should take a keen interest in her actions. I urge them not to just “rubber stamp” her next appointment as coach. The players, the school and upcoming seniors deserve better.