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Petition wants look

at Evans policing


An 87-page petition signed by more than 700 Evans voters asking the Evans New York Town Board to hold public hearings on the cost of policing has been delivered to the town clerk by a citizen’s group, Evans Taxpayers United Inc., a non-profit citizens group.

The voter petition asks the Evans Town Board to hold four public meetings for discussion of maintaining police services while reducing policing costs followed by a voter referendum on a proposal to consolidate the Evans Police Department into the Erie County Sheriff’s Department including absorbing, according to law, as many Evans Police Officers as the Town Board requires.

Evans Taxpayers United Inc. obtained the more than 700 voter signatures after researching and finding a savings $1.4 million with the possible consolidation of the Evans’ Police Department into the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.


co-chair, Evans Taxpayer United,


Laurel helped

lift spirits of many


Laurel Hotelling was a hard worker at The Resource Center in Dunkirk. She worked there for 30-plus years. Laurel liked everyone. She touched each and everyone’s heart she knew. My nickname for her was “Munchkin.”

She always was smiling, no matter what life brought her way. The Laurel Run was named after her. Every bit of money that is raised goes to Filling the Gap to help people with disabilities and I think that is wonderful.

In November 2017, Laurel passed away. That is a very traumatizing situation. I know that she is with her blessed Angels in heaven.

I went to Laurel’s parents’ house in Silver Creek and they shared memories of Laurel with me and I will cherish those memories that I shared that day. Laurel will be sadly missed.


self advocate of the year, 2016,



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