Inspirations often surround us


I am writing you because I’m inspired by a worker that I met at Pizza Hut. He is a waiter. He was very pleasant to talk to and he has been employed there for three-plus years and in a couple of months, he hopes to become a manager.

That is such an accomplishment in the right direction. There should be a lot more people in the world like him. What got me the most about him is that he is a hard worker. He has a lot in life to look forward to. Because if you dream — dream it. It is mind over matter. Capture that dream. Nothing should stand in your way.

This man comes to work with a smile and a good attitude in life and what it stores for him each and every day that comes his way. His mother or the bus brings him to and back each day that he works.

The reason for this letter is that this person inspires me in so many ways with my self-advocacy work to continue the fight. I’m fighting each and every day.


self advocate of the year, 2016,



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