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signs for city


I would like to compliment the group that did the nice landscaping in front of the large blue “Welcome” sign on the entrance to Dunkirk at Route 60 and Doughty Streets.

However there is also the same kind of sign on the corner of South Roberts Road and Tenney Street, but that seems to have been overlooked. It also seems to be in need of the same “tender, loving care.”



Get tougher

on bullying


I would like to take the time to write the OBSERVER on a topic that falls near to my heart. It is bullying.

It is really getting out of hand these days. I hear more and more about the subject. I just read in the paper recently about another case of this and as a result, this person had to pay the price – his life.

Is that what our world has become nowadays?

I would have to say I don’t want the end of the world to come because then what will happen unless you are a Christian by faith? I mean, you can’t even go to school anymore with your Bible on top of your books. That is a crime in my eyes.

I think that it is awful that people can do such things to other individuals like beating them up or calling them names. Where is the justice done? I think that there should be a law against bullying. Maybe people would think then before acting.


self advocate of the year, 2016


Raise only

part of story


In the Publisher’s notebook, “County leads way in closed-door actions” (Aug. 17) John D’Agostino stated that the caseworkers had been voted a raise. He didn’t state how much time has passed since they received their last raise.

I’m curious. How long has it been?

By the way, I am also against legislative decisions made behind closed doors.


Silver Creek


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