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Abuse remarks were an insult


I am writing regarding John D’Agostino’s comments in his Publisher’s notebook (Sept. 14).

Writing that Bishop Richard Malone “is just following orders that … are very slow to change,” is an insult to common sense and decency. It is also incredibly insensitive to those victims of priestly sexual abuse. Not only does it ignore the reality of God’s law, but also that of criminal law which mandates investigation, and prosecution if warranted, for sexual abuse and predation.

It is also absolutely abhorrent that anyone would use the same excuse/defense used by those accused of horrific war crimes following the end of World War II. Simply stated, there is no excuse for the bishop, and others, failing to do whatever was necessary to protect Catholics in the Buffalo diocese and other states.

Yes, there has to be healing and forgiveness. That is a clear given. It just seems that Bishop Malone’s failure to follow the norms of human decency, respect and common sense makes him an unlikely choice to be at the helm in the lead of such a process.



Making a dime the easy way


Have you ever seen a Box Tops for Education logo on a product you purchased and wondered what it was? Box Tops are clippings that are worth ten cents each and are used as a fundraiser for local schools and organizations. September 17-23 in National Box Tops for Education week and is the perfect time for everyone to start clipping! I am the Box Tops coordinator for School 4 in Dunkirk and our students, teachers and faculty collect close to $1,000 each year in Box Tops, money that is used by our PTO to help pay for various student activities.

Ask your children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends and relatives if their school or organization collects Box Tops or log on the www.btfe.com to find a list of places in our areas that would love to have your clippings. You can also find a list of products that participate in the program and ways to earn bonus Box Tops.

Ten cents may not seem like much, but believe me, they add up!




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