Peoples column

Reed reports run rampant


It’s hard not to notice the sudden plethora of articles in the OBSERVER about Tom Reed. As he attends his fundraisers, he schedules a visit to an area food bank or farm to have an empathy photo op, yet his voting record shows that he consistently abandons his hard-working constituents. His attempts at making policy don’t come to fruition and our area is left bereft of much needed support.

Reed’s opponent in the November 6th election, Tracy Mitrano, has consistently pledged to fight for health care for all, education for 21st century jobs, cut taxes for working and middle-class families, save our lakes and land, support our infrastructure, and her cyber security experience will help defend our country from foreign interference.

When the OBSERVER prints a rare article about impressive candidate Tracy Mitrano, a paragraph for Reed to rebut is always included. However in the many articles about Reed, there is never comment allowed for Mitrano. In these remaining weeks before the election, may we respectfully suggest that the Mitrano campaign be routinely contacted to allow contrasting viewpoints and rebuttal from Mitrano.

We strongly support her candidacy for Congress and we are sure she is the one to bring prosperity to our district and truth to politics.



This Farm Fest was best


Mark Mackey, the Farm Festival director and his committee, had the best Farm Festival in 50 years.

They had a variety of excellent vendors, music and parade. They knew how to run a big event like this festival. This took a lot of hard work on their part. It showed with large crowds every day and night.

In 50 years, I’ve gone to every festival and this was by far the very best.

I salute Mr. Mackey and his volunteers for the beautiful Farm Festival that they put together. Nice going, Mark and staff.

Thank you.