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on our judges


Sen. Joe Manchin had two reasons for voting for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I like his statement: “He is a qualified jurist who will follow the constitution and determine cases based on the legal findings before him.” I will make no comment on the other reason.

According to my (ancient 1960) World Book Encyclopedia, there is mention of a brilliant Supreme Court Justice from 1941 to 1954 who was credited with saying: “Judges should try to keep their judgments free from personal opinions.” How would this judge fare in today’s world?

This gentleman was highly regarded in Chautauqua County (i.e. Frewsburg School, Chautauqua County Highway, and even someplace in Buffalo). He was not a Chautauqua County native. He was born in Spring Creek, Pa. You can look it up to see who I’m referring to.

Let’s hope that all issues before the current Supreme Court are not all controversial.


South Dayton

Attorney is wrong on referendum


This is in response to Dan Gard’s recent comments (Oct. 16) about the village administrator position. He said it should have been enacted by a referendum, not a resolution.

The position was not created in 1977, it was created in the 1960s during the Russell Joy administration. B. Robert Rand was the first administrator and he stayed on until 1977 when James Sedota took the post.

The administrator role is an important position.

Here’s my other question: when the police chief’s or the current fire chief’s post was created, it was by resolution. Why was there no voter referendum?


former mayor,



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