Peoples Column

Wochensky brings new attitude


Over the past several years I’ve been very discouraged about the direction our country has gone in. The amorality, lack of concern for our environment, lack of empathy being witnessed, and the lying that goes on a daily basis that all comes from the top down. It is very, very disheartening as I look at my children and grandchildren and think about their futures.

It has to be the young people that step forward and change the direction of this country, and one such person is Luke Wochensky. I have known him and his family, since he was a teenager. I am thrilled that he is taking the time in his life to try to make a change. As a longtime member of the Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Board, I know he will work to improve the quality and access to healthcare for New Yorkers and work to get the health care costs down.. Having a local man with a law degree, wanting to fight for us here, gives me my hope back.

We currently have a representative, David DiPietro, who apparently thinks it’s OK to collect his nearly $80,000 while missing key votes. What are we paying him for? Apparently not to represent us.

Luke will try to bridge the tribalism that we are seeing currently, by working in a bi-partisan nature to listen to both sides. He’s a local, he knows the lay of the land around here, and the hard working people here. How wonderful it would be to have him in Albany representing us, our beautiful area, and knowing we would have his ear.