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To listen to our current congressman Tom Reed, the speaker of the house Paul Ryan, and the leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell, the startling budget deficit is caused by our elderly and families who need health-care, food assistance, and education. How does Tom Reed solve a budget deficit he helped create with his “tax reform?” He follows his leaders to cut Social Security and Medicare — and any programs that provide help to the vast majority of us.

Where is Tom? He’s following those same folks who grew our deficit by $800 billion this year, the largest deficit since 2012. He’s following the folks whose “tax reform” will cost $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

He’s following the folks whose “tax reform” provides little to those of us with the least and lots to those of us with the most.

Where is Tom? He’s following the folks whose “tax reform” was touted as a way to increase workers’ wages and investments to create jobs. Of the estimated $55 billion of the “tax reform” savings however, half is going to stock buy-backs (where companies buy back their own shares thus increasing their value and benefitting their shareholders with increased dividends) while only 14 percent goes to increase their employee wages and benefits, and slightly more than that is slated for business investments.

We need a leader for our district, not a follower. Tracy Mitrano is that leader.

Tracy Mitrano is committed to stand and lead for our district. She has refused outside PAC money and goes into this race without ties to big donor interests from outside our district. When she says she will represent us in Congress, she means all of us in this district.

She is committed to progressive reforms and policies that work for the people of our district. She committed to responsibly strengthening our Medicare programs and ensuring the future of our Social Security system. Tracy’s the person we need to represent all of us in Washington.



Mitrano right stuff

for representative


I am writing to whole-heartedly encourage you and your readers to vote for Tracy Mitrano, who is running to represent New York’s 23rd District in the United States House of Representatives. I have known Tracy for 25 years, and I can strongly attest that she is a morally upstanding, intelligent, and caring person who will bring opportunity to the Southern Tier.

Tracy is from the working class in Upstate New York — her parents, who never went to college, ran an Italian restaurant in Rochester — and she has bettered herself through hard work and education.

Tracy is Irish and Italian and you can bet she is a tough fighter. As a mother of two sons and a guardian of her adult brother, who has special needs, she knows how to advocate for others to make their lives better.

She lives in a rural area and understands the needs of her neighbors. She is greatly concerned about the toll opioids have taken on upstate New York and wants to work with communities to come up with solutions which work for them.

She has vital work expertise in cybersecurity, which is sorely needed in our Congress to protect our country. She wants everyone in New York’s 23rd District to have access to the internet.

I knew from the moment Tracy told me she was thinking about this race that she would make an excellent representative. Please vote for Tracy Mitrano on Nov. 6.