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Mitrano presents healthy choice


Like many independent small business owners, we have been buying our own health insurance for a long time. The costs have risen every year since we lost company benefits, and we were concerned about the impact of the Affordable Care Act. In fact, our premiums remained stable (although our deductibles were still high), we kept our doctors and any pre-existing conditions were covered. Instead of voting to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act the way they had promised, Tom Reed voted with Trump (he votes with Trump 97 percent of the time), to destroy the Affordable Care Act with no replacement. I find it interesting that insurance companies are the biggest donors to Mr. Reed’s campaign.

The system that was beginning to stabilize is now in chaos. This year, our premiums are almost doubling, and although my husband and I are fortunate to be healthy, guarantees for coverage of pre-existing conditions are at risk.

When Tom Reed is asked questions about health care in public forums, he pivots to his support for and promotion of hospice care. Hospice care is important in the range of health services people should have, but I need affordable health care now, while I’m living, not just when I’m dying.

Tracy Mitrano has a sensible approach to providing cost-effective health care for all. She has my vote.


Maple Springs

Quattrone is a team player


We are at a time in Chautauqua County that necessitates law enforcement leadership that will take us to a higher level. Only with all our police agencies working together can we make our common goal of properly protecting our citizens happen. If we are divided, even to the smallest extent, those who we are shielding become vulnerable because efforts are spent on self-preservation. It is a shame to see this happening even nationwide.

Sheriff candidate James Quattrone is the man to ensure the level of collaboration our county police agencies need. His teamwork abilities are notable. He has endorsements from the Chautauqua County Association of Chiefs of Police, New York State Deputies Association, the New York State Police Investigators Association and the New York State Troopers PBA. Those show effective teamwork awaiting.

I have known Jim for 30 years. I have seen his strong beliefs, level and intuitive thinking and his solid nature. Those coupled with his experience and education make him the best candidate. I hope that you too will see this with Jim as our next sheriff of Chautauqua County.



Social medicine not best policy


Friends, before you walk in to your local polling station to color in the dot, let me give you a dose of reality with respect to our candidates that are looking to socialize medicine.

Whether you refer to it as “single-payer” or “government funded” there are two immutable facts: Tracy Mitrano’s socialized medicine plan is far too expensive a tax burden for us to afford. Secondly, no matter how you square it, socialized medicine puts the government in the role of decision maker for your health care. Don’t believe me? Allow me to use part of my extended Canadian family as an example.

A few years back, at the age of 10, my Canadian nephew received a diagnosis of Leukemia. Imagine my aunt’s fear for her son turning to frustration and anger when she was next told that her son would have to wait six months to start treatment because the “socialized medicine” that is run by the Canadian government didn’t deem his case as “urgent”!

If this isn’t eye opening for you, consider a dear pen pal (yeah, I know, who has a pen pal anymore)? Well, my mom does, and she’s in Liverpool, U.K. She found herself in dire need of a hip replacement. She was literally bone on bone when she walked (hint … preventative medicine is considered “wasteful” with socialized medicine). Since a hip replacement isn’t considered an “urgent care issue” in the U.K., she was forced to continue to attempt to get around for 10 months in this agonizing condition!

Friends, Tracy Mitrano is not only in favor of socialized medicine, her plan would kill Medicare, while adding a crushing tax rate to each and every one of us. What rational individual would give up their right to advocate for their own care, while also paying higher taxes and getting less for it?

Congressman Tom Reed has a plan that will lower insurance costs, while limiting frivolous lawsuits that burden our healthcare system and drive up costs. Before you cast your vote, I urge you to think of how your vote has a consequence.

How’s your health and that of your loved ones? At bare minimum, your vote may give you an awful pain in your wallet!




Republican Committee