People’s Column

Plenty of stuff at turkey party


The West Dunkirk Fire Department would like to express our sincere gratitude to the OBSERVER for your support of our recent Turkey Party and ATV Drawing, which was Nov. 3. The event was extremely successful because of the immense community support we received from the businesses who donated door prizes and everyone who attended the event. Thank you!

A special thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for our ATV & Trailer Raffle. Congratulations to Dean Salzman of Forestville, who was the big winner!!



West Dunkirk Fire Department

We have to stop labeling


I think that it is a disgrace that people are labeled due to their disabilities. People don’t ask for their illness. They want to be just like you and me.

I went to the doctor’s with my fiance and he got a piece of paper when he checked out of the office of the doctor. He then gave it to me and I went over it with him and saw that it said he was mentally retarded and had a learning disability!

I think that is awful to a human being. Instead of labeling people in our world of society, people should be thinking about celebrating our abilities instead of bickering about this and that. I think that people should worry a lot more about things in life other than this. People should be recognized for their abilities and not their disabilities.

This really needs to be addressed to the people. They are still using the terms in this day and age. Better terminology should be used with people with developmental disabilities. In March every year, we celebrate “Spread the Word to End the Word.” I think that is wonderful! It maybe will get people thinking among themselves and what they say and do. Don’t ever underestimate a disabled person! Labels are for jars, not people!


The Resource Center Self Advocate of the Year, 2016,