People’s column

Upstate needs

to stand on own


Groups in a handful of states are looking towards secession as regions within those states begin to feel less represented in comparison to their more populated counterparts.

Due to major political and economic differences, state secession groups are becoming a large and continually growing movement. Attempts to divide a state have happened in California and are currently happening in Washington and also here in New York.

I am writing in favor of the idea to divide Upstate from the New York City region. I feel the same way as countless other residents of Upstate feel, in that we are out voted by New York City, and thus the government of New York does not represent the entire state. This leads to legislation being passed that the city favors but hurts the rest of us.

Upstate is largely conservative. Our values, beliefs, and way of life are lost within the current system. Governor Cuomo has said himself that “Conservatives have no place in New York.” I think Andrew needs to look at an election map of New York State and see how red it is.

People are not fleeing this state because of the weather. They are fleeing to save their money, their way of life, and their rights. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all didn’t have to pack up and move out? What if we could change the landscape? Well, we most certainly can!

I ask everyone in favor of freeing Upstate to please visit and get involved in this movement. Links to their social media can also be found on the website.



Scoring success with golf tourney


The Camp Gross Board of Directors wishes to thank the OBSERVER for the stories and notices that helped us succeed with the first annual Dr. John R. Forbes Memorial Golf Tournament. We achieved our goal and the real winners are the children who attend the Dunkirk Youth Recreation Day Camp Program and the other youth groups who use our facility.



Special angels exist among us


On a nice sunny day, a few weeks ago, I decided to go for a ride. I ended up in Silver Creek and decided to pick up a few things at Save-A-Lot. The bill came to $20.40 and when I reached into my pocket, I discovered that I had left my money at home! What to do! I apologized to the clerk and told her to take back the groceries. Suddenly, a voice behind me said, “I’ll get it, put it on my bill.” I was floored – there really are angels in this world!

The woman wouldn’t give me her name and address so I could repay her for her kindness. I thanked her profusely and went on my way, knowing that someone was watching over me. God works in strange ways. He sends His helping angels everywhere.

God bless mine!