People’s Column

Village needs new leadership


Village residents have a decision to make this year. It involves the choice for mayor. My vote: Incumbent Athanasia Landis — no; Douglas Essek – yes.

This mayor has been talking about a new jail, fixing the East and West parking lots, fixing the Fire Hall and nothing has been done. Landis takes credit for getting a $2.5 million dollar when it was really Nathan Aldrich who got the grant.

She has fought with trustees, people who have worked for the village, and when someone is speaking, she interrupts them. People in Fredonia do not want a roundabout, yet she never stood up for the people — taxpayers who pay her salary.

As for the hospital, it’s the wrong location. With the school and a roundabout up the street at Route 20 and 60, there’s too much traffic. If the hospital does not want to be in Dunkirk, where it belongs, then find land on West Main Street where the traffic is lighter, not East Main Street.

The person that knows the village, works in the village, knows the people in the village, has been in the village all his life is Mr. Essek. He is our man to run the village with the trustees as mayor.

By the way, why can’t the jail be at the old Caboose location across from the fire hall?



City pier plans full of flaws


The current modification plan for the Dunkirk pier is majorly flawed.

The first major apparent flaw is that no one will be able to drive around the end of the pier. No consideration is made for snow removal, debris removal, fishing access or parking. The boat launch is modified such that launching and parking boat trucks or trailers will be majorly reduced.

In spring and summer all spaces are full. All the current design is strictly for events that take place during summer for sporadic events that bring little or no revenue to the local economy. Music events should take place in our beautiful Memorial Park.

You can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear! Perhaps some money could be better used to repave and beautify Lakefront Boulevard.

The citizens of Dunkirk deserve better! All these plans were made with little public input!