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Invest in roads, not new hall


To me it is plain and simple. How can the town of Arkwright decide to build a new Town Hall when taxpayers are suffering with the horrible mud bogs in the town roads.

The only time I take my life into my own hands is when I travel to a relative’s home on Park Road and have to travel over Ball Road to get there. He broke an axle on his car and I broke a trailing arm on my car after taking him over these impossibly impassable roads.

The last time I took him to his doctor there were several “mud bogs” on these roads. The beginning of Ball Road, which had been plowed down to clay was so slippery I was afraid I would slide off the road. I have a 4 by 4 and the slippery clay was terrible.

The taxes in Arkwright are very high and what services do we get?

Roads first! Town Hall later!



Last cut: barber says goodbye


After 39 years of barbering, I am announcing my retirement. I want to thank all who have walked through the door of Deb’s Barber Shop in Westfield. You have come from near and far, some from very far, to support my business. There are so many wonderful memories I will be taking with me.

I’ve had the honor to cut many first haircuts. I have cut four generations of hair and made many lifelong friends in my 39 years of business. I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate births, graduations, and weddings with many of you.

For years there were mornings when three and four cups of coffee were lined up on the counter from thoughtful customers. Then there were fresh baked goods from wives, cards with lottery tickets in them, a special book to share, unexpected visits just to get and give a hug and so many kind words. Often times handmade gifts just for me. The list of wonderful acts of kindness goes on and on.

My life has been enriched by each and every one of you. I can say it has truly been a wonderful and satisfying career. All made possible because of you! Thank you!


Deb the Barber,


Columnist’s voice is appreciated


Just finished reading the latest commentary by Vicki Westling (Feb. 13). I have read most of her writings over the past five years and find them to be both interesting, nostalgic, thought provoking and always well worth reading.

She has a style of writing that seems to evoke days gone by, happier times that we might all like to relive. In this fast paced world we live in it is refreshing to read her words and consider her thoughts. To borrow a well worn line from long ago she is “the pause that refreshes.”

I do not know her except through the OBSERVER but can appreciate that she is entering a new phase of her life. I hope to see her back again in the very near future and wish her well as she embarks on a new season in her life.

In the meantime she will be able to spend more time with her canine buddy “Sam.” I am sure Sam will be delighted with the extra attention. Nothing like the love and affection of a good dog. Best therapy in the whole World. Or as Sam might say “the paws that refresh.”


Sugar Land, Texas

Let county in on extension


I feel that Chautauqua County should be included in the property tax extension like the rest of the counties.

Steve Abdella, county attorney, must realize that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already granted the extension due to the winter storm.

The governor overrides anyone in counties, or the state. Mr. Abdella must also realize that the senior citizens couldn’t get out to pay them due to the temperature and storm. If the county would cut the welfare and freeloaders that live off of our tax money, the county wouldn’t have to worry about the penalties and interest payments.


Silver Creek


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