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Young always has helped our region


I think that the article in the newspaper dated Jan. 23 criticizing Sen. Cathy Young was distasteful, among other things I will not address.

Cathy is for all of the people. She worked hard for all that she does for all of us from all counties. I know that people have a right to their opinion but this is going too far! I have known Cathy for many years since 2013, when I got her to come to The Resource Center in Dunkirk. It was a long haul but we did it! Ever since then I have developed a relationship with her and her staff in Olean and Jamestown.

From my perspective, this really was uncalled for from the writer that wrote these things about Cathy doesn’t even live around here. She shouldn’t even be saying what is or what’s not!

Cathy has been a good person. She is always there for me and my family. Whenever I need a helpful hand, she is always there willing to help.

I wish her the best as she pursues a new role in her life.


The Resource Center 2016 Self Advocate of the Year,

2016 Self Advocate of the Year Western Region,



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