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Hoping for city run from Welka


I was told to read an article in the OBSERVER (Feb. 16). I was amazed to finally see someone stand up to this Council administration in the city of Dunkirk.

Dennis Welka, I applaud you for what you wrote. I could only hope we in Dunkirk would get more people like you to stand up for the people of this city and to also see what this current administration is all about, excluding Councilman Shaun Heenan. From what I hear, Third Ward Councilman Heenan is the only one in this administration that looks out for the people of this city and the city itself.

Mr. Welka I know you had planned to run for councilman before you had to withdraw because of an illness. If you plan on running again I will assure you that you have my vote and if I can help you any way I can with your campaign, you can also count on that.

Again, thank you Mr. Welka for what I hope is a way of opening the eyes of the people in the city of Dunkirk of what goes on in this administration.



Location matters for hospital


Do not destroy Brooks Memorial Hospital like they did to Lake Shore Hospital. This area, which includes Silver Creek, Irving, Sunset Bay, Sheridan, Fredonia, Dunkirk and other small communities need a “good” hospital, not a smaller one.

Not many ambulances go to Lake Shore anymore, they go directly to Brooks.

A smaller hospital cannot care for many patients. It’s not fair to send them to other hospitals. It’s in a good location for ambulances to get to – not like Routes 60 and 20, which is too congested.


Silver Creek

Overpasses need more attention


For those who were unable to attend the summary of the Comprehensive Plan for Dunkirk last week at the high school, you missed an important announcement. Mayor Wilfred Rosas has negotiated with the railroads to be able to upgrade the overpasses in the city.

These eyesores have plagued Dunkirk for years. It was the number one negative critique of our city from George Grasser and his Partners for a More Livable Western New York when they volunteered for the WalkAround about 10 years ago. Kudos to the mayor and the Development office for this huge victory.

The best is yet to come.




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