People’s Column

Brooks board’s actions are major disservice


I really enjoyed Richard Ketcham’s remarks in the OBSERVER (Feb. 24). He was so right on target. The Brooks Hospital board did a disservice to both Dunkirk and Fredonia and has done more to divide these two communities than any previous action over the years.

Most of us who have been involved in decisions that affect a large group or community have included a cross-section of those who would be affected. This was not done with the decision made by the present hospital board. In fact, there was not one person from Dunkirk on the board.

I also have to blame our Dunkirk council and mayor for not getting involved earlier. I think that most people felt that if they didn’t build where the present hospital is, they would select the site on Route 60 with easy access to both communities and the Thruway.

Now that it seems inevitable that the hospital will be built in Fredonia, then I feel that with all of the land there they should have a Methadone Clinic included. There are two clinics connected with hospitals in Buffalo.

Hopefully, the newly appointed committee will take their time with their decision regarding the present hospital.