People’s column

Company aims to praise good deeds


The world is full of heroes — individuals with a desire to help and those who do so quietly and without credit. We believe everyone has the power to create change.

Every action, no matter how small, is significant. This is why at Farrell Roofing would like to say “Thank you” to those unsung heroes.

Every month we will be treating our recognized individual and their guest to a lunch at the Shorewood Country Club. We are asking members of the community to nominate an individual who helps others and is making a difference. Please tell us in 100 words or less what they do and why you are nominating them.

Please also include their contact information. We will post the chosen individual on our Facebook page at the end of every month. Please email the entries to lorie.herman@commercialroofingadmin.com.



Young helped many in region


When you have something special, you grasp on to it and never let it go! In so many ways, I guess in life it happens and we don’t expect it. In the end, it is better for some and not others.

Catharine Young and her staff have been a great part of my life since 2013 when I got to get her to come on my behalf for The Resource Center. That was quite an honor.

I think this is a sad time to see such a wonderful person leave the state Senate to go to Cornell. She has done so much for the community that it is endless to count. People are going to miss that!


The Resource Center Self Advocate of the Year 2016,


‘Outstanding’ work by hospital, staff


On Sunday, March 31, my wife, Sharon, suffered a medical emergency.

I would like to thank all the community medical personnel, volunteers and emergency professionals, Dr. Burns, the Brooks Memorial Hospital Emergency Room staff and Saint Vincent’s Hospital. Thank you for getting my wife her needed medical care. Everyone was outstanding.