People’s column


I don’t think the New York state Department of Transportation took a proper car count on Routes 60 and 20. That roundabout will have traffic, will be backed up to Vineyard Drive and the other way past McAllister Road. The state needs to blacktop Route 20 from Fredonia to Silver Creek, not patch it. This is taxpayer money that needs to be put on roads. We do not need a roundabout! It’s going to be very dangerous. People who don’t want this roundabout should call State Assemblyman Andy Goodell. He could be able to help us.

Fredonia, by the way, needs to blacktop Central Avenue, because it’s terrible. Also, fix the roads around the park. While you’re at it, blacktop the village parking lots, especially the West Lot. Have the mayor and trustees driven in the West Parking Lot? They should. Use some of that taxpayers’ grant money to fix our roads; maybe then some of the empty buildings will be filled up.

Central Avenue needs to be a priority, because people will be using that road to get to Vineyard Drive and the stores. A lot of people will avoid Routes 20 and 60 because of that terrible roundabout.

We have too much traffic and poor roads in Fredonia. Central Avenue has to get better.