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Nuring home abuse shocking


I am sharing the following letter that I sent to the governor of Arizona:

Dear Gov. Doug Ducey,

I advocate for people with disabilities. I found an article dated Jan. 27 regarding violations increasing in Arizona nursing homes. I found it a disgrace to people who are in nursing homes.

One man spent a lot of time with this lady and then decided to rape her knowing that she couldn’t speak for herself to yell for help. She become pregnant by this guy and delivered a baby sometime in December. Now the family is caring for the child because she can’t!

They found also that his DNA matched the baby, so he is definitely the father. What is happening in our nursing homes?

I wrote to the Florida governor on this issue as well. This is very sad to know our nursing homes are not run well to have something like this going on. I think you should be re-thinking the situation before hiring people like this that are abusing our seniors in such an appalling way!


self advocate of the year for 2016 at The Resource Center,


Keep cemetery clean, beautiful


It is time to think about putting flowers on our loved ones graves at local cemeteries. The Pine Grove Cemetery in Gowanda would like to ask for help from the families and lot owners to help keep our costs down. It would be helpful to put pots on the side of your monuments for easier mowing and limit the number of items for each grave.

Glass vases, glass figures and decorative stone are prohibited, along with in ground planting. Silk flowers need to be secure in pots or urns, not pushed into the ground. Another cost saver is to take all your refuse and memorials home to dispose of.

All flower pots and memorials should be taken off by Oct 1 of each year. By doing these few suggestions, we can save on labor costs, refuse fees and keep our cemeteries beautiful.



Pine Grove Cemetery,



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