People’s Column

Borrello is proven leader


Over the past several years, I have gotten to know a little of George Borrello. At a charity auction I was doing for the Association for the Blind, he proved to be a valuable contributor, not just in purchases but in his vocal support. He has shown that same support for other organizations.

As a town of Westfield board member, I have witnessed his help with the town’s projects, facilitating and promoting. You may recall that when he became county executive, he made a pledge to visit a business every day for the first 100 days of his administration. Well, he actually exceeded that number.

In my opinion, he has demonstrated excellent leadership and responsibility. We have had a number of contentious issues in the county, such as the Chautauqua Lake issue. He hit it head on and has shown what real leadership can be.

He actually worked to pull people with opposing views together. Most of all, I just think he is honest and thoughtful, the kind of person who would be great to represent us in the Senate. My wife and I will be voting for George in the primary on June 25. I hope you will too.



Cooperation aids sale of poppies


The Sheridan Memorial Post 6390 Veterans of Foreign Wars sends grateful thanks to Walmart and Mr. Brad Balentine, manager, for their permission to sell poppies at their Fredonia store.

Also thanks to the many members, too numerous to name, for selling poppies. An even greater thanks to those who bought poppies from us.

We sell our poppies to honor our dead by helping the living.


Sheridan Memorial Post 6390,

VFW Poppy chairman