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Rules made without common sense


I wish someone would explain the following to me. How can New York state pass a law allowing illegal immigrants to be issued driver’s licenses to be able “to drive to and from work?” The Federal Department of Homeland Security requires all employers to have employees fill out Form I-9 Eligibility Verification, which they have to state if they are:

¯ A citizen of the United States.

¯ A noncitizen of the United States (persons born in American Samoa, and certain former citizens of the former Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and certain children of noncitizen nations born abroad.

¯ A lawful permanent resident (alien number) or an alien authorized to work (alien number or admission number until (registration date, if applicable).”

Also, why would the Legislature pass a bill allowing recreational marijuana to become legal? These same people have passed legislation against cigarettes. I am not a smoker and never have been, but I’d rather have a cigarette smoker driving a car, than one smoking dope. At least the police agencies realize that there will probably be more vehicles running into buildings.

One more thing: Why would you want another exit on Route 60 when the powers that be, claim that the reason for the roundabout is because of the many? Accidents happen when drivers are leaving or entering businesses on Route 60.

Their solution? Put a hospital exit on Route 60.



What about past chemicals at site?


Did I miss it or was there any soil sample studied done on the former Cornell lab site that is now selected to be the new Brooks Hospital location?

A number of chemicals in the past have been used in the fruit growing industry that are now considered health hazards could have been tested there. As we all know, there are present day chemicals, such as Round-Up, which is now thought to be cancer causing.

If these chemicals were tested there, is this the best location for a hospital?




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