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Young couples quick to help


There is so much bad news about young people that I wanted to share my good news.

On July 2, my daughter and I were returning home from Buffalo. We heard a loud noise and then the car veered to the left by an underpass near Hamburg. We got out to find a torn, flat rear tire. As we were calling home to find out Triple A’s number, a van pulled in front of us and a Pennsylvania young couple got out to help us.

We thanked them but told them we were going to call for roadside assistance. Then another car stopped to help. Again we told them about AAA but they said no problem, This way you won’t have to wait. The young lady knew exactly what to do. The young man got the spare out and fixed our car.

It was a hot afternoon but that did not deter them. They were coming home from a Bison game. After chatting with them, we learned that she was from Brocton and he was from Dunkirk, the son of Sgt. Michael Pakulski of the Dunkirk Police Department.

We were so fortunate to have had two young couples willing to go out of their way on a hot afternoon to help strangers. Just proves there are more good young people out there than bad.



Proud leader lauds support


I would like to send out a huge thank you to the Auxiliary of the John T. Murray Post and to the Veterans of Foreign Wars for their continued support this past year. I was extremely shocked to receive president of the year again. You are the backbone of the auxiliary, and without you I couldn’t have received this award.

I also want to thank all the businesses that supported our fundraisers: You are awesome.

The auxiliary is always opened to males and females. If you are interested in joining, please stop at the post on Deer Street in Dunkirk for an application. You need a DD214 and dues of $30.


auxiliary president,

John T. Murray Post 1017

Some willing to aid stranger


Recently, I was in Lakewood, when I approached to go into a store. Previously, I was shopping at the Mall, when all of a sudden I started to fall forward and this lady came out of nowhere to come to my aid. I thought that was very nice and afterward she asked me if I was OK?

I guess society had me fooled! There still are good people in the world. I want to thank her personally for doing such a kind gesture to a stranger!


The Resource Center Self Advocate of the Year 2016

Advocate of the Year 2016 Western Region,



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