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‘Un-American’ act a cruel message


I am an American citizen by birth.

I am a great-great-grandson of immigrants to the United States.

I’m married to a naturalized American citizen.

One of my daughters-in-law is a Chinese national.

My family knows about immigrants, immigration, and citizenship.

On July 17, our President led a political rally.

He identified and called out — not for the first time — a Member of Congress and a rightful citizen — and allowed people to chant “Send her back!”

This is a hateful thing.

This is a cruel thing.

This is un-American.

It cannot stand.

This is not my America.

This is not my immigrant family’s America.

True American citizens must stand up to this hatred and cruelty.

We must call out our President and the people who participate in this and deny this un-American behavior.



Events that truly make U.S. great


During the evening of July 18 watching the news, my husband and I watched two stories that gave us hope for our country. The first one was about two young boys at a baseball game.

The African American young man ran for a foul ball and so did a young white boy. The African American got the ball and gave it to the white boy, then they hugged. Our country needs to learn something from these two boys.

We need to look beyond the color of someone’s skin or their religion. It is what’s inside a person and their actions that make a person who they are.

The second story choked us both up. It showed what I hope and want to believe what our country is really made of. Around 3,000 people showed up for a Vietnam vet’s funeral in Michigan. He had no family and his friend put out the word. People came from as far away as Florida to honor a man they didn’t even know.

Who says we need to “Make America Great Again,”

I always thought it was.




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