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One more item needed at pier


I made my first stop to the new Dunkirk Pier on Monday. Despite all the improvements, there was still something missing: a throwable life ring.

These are needed in case someone is to take a misstep and go into the water. I’m not picking on the city, but I noticed this life-saving device is nowhere to be found.

If more people visit the pier, there will be a chance something bad can happen. This valuable asset being at the city pier could someday save a life.



Cuomo hurting

the motorists


The governor’s decision not to fix the Seneca Nation portion of the state Thruway is vindictive.

Where else in the country is the speed limit on an interstate highway 45 mph because of the governor of the state’s refusal to repair the road? It is travelers from around the state, the country and Canada who are most affected.

Welcome to New York … so dysfunctional that thousands are fleeing the state each year. Thank you Gov. Andrew Cuomo for all you do to help state residents make the decision to move to more tax and job friendly areas of the country.



There’s kindness in community


I was at the Chautauqua County Fairgrounds recently. I really was fascinated by all the neat crafters and what you can do with someone’s two hands.

Well, I got up to the last row of vendors and this lady was making rings out of wire. That interested me so I had her make me one. It’s beautiful and while I was waiting for it to be done, I kind of got thirsty! She said to me, “Would you like a bottle of water?”

I said, “Sure, if you don’t mind.”

It was just like that woman at a store in Lakewood. I really have not run into too many nice people in this world that would do such a nice gesture as that to a stranger. So I just wanted to thank her personally for all of her kindness!


The Resource Center 2016 Self Advocate of the Year,



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